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USB connectors

1/ Terminal block (TB):

A TB is a connector that allows more than one circuit to connect to another without a splice or physically joining the ends. They are commonly used in automobiles.

Terminal blocks are typically either plug-in, screw-in or PCB types. Screw-in type contain wires housed inside the block and screwed into position. Screw-in are often used for equipment that does not require high voltage protection. Plug-in contain a male-type terminal at the end of the wire, which is connected to the female port on the block. Plug-in are often used in automobile fuse boxes. PCB, or printed circuit board terminal blocks, are commonly found in computers, and are soldered, or fused, to the circuit board.

2/ Board to board connectors:

Board to board connectors are used to connect PCB, electronic components that contain a conductive pattern printed on the surface of the insulating base in an accurate and repeatable manner. Each terminal on a board to board connector is connected to a PCB. A BTB includes housing and a specific number of terminals. The terminal is made from a conductive material  and plated to improve conductivity and antirust. Terminals transmit the current/signal between PCBs connected by Board to board connectors; the housing is made of insulating material (mostly plastic).