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SHP is unmatched in its breadth of standard products and application knowledge in the hermetic EMI capacitors. Since SHP design and manufacture every type of hermetic materials and the packages in which they are used, as well as direct-glassed packages in various materials, they  are in the unique position of offering essentially all possible solutions. This allows them to optimize the design approach for cost and/or performance and provide our customers with options from which to choose.

SHP was founded in 1988 by Jack Pollock to meet an industry need for sealing system design/manufacturing capability.

For too long, feedthru seal manufacturers and users treated these devices as a commodity. Lost was the need to consider feedthru seal design as part of a larger system to properly consider interface issues such as stress and related reliability.

SHP first developed the aluminum compatible seal, which has taken aluminum hermetic package reliability to a new level.

Numerous additional products have been developed since, including miniature aluminum compatible hermetic EMI capacitors and  kovar compatible.

SHP continues to provide engineering services to its customers to achieve the highest possible reliability in the area of hermetic EMI capacitors. Their staff of engineers is highly qualified in all areas of seal design and manufacture, but also knowledgeable with critical issues involved in the use of seals in electronics packages.